What do we do with grief? We may want to run or hide or laugh or talk or yell. We may need to draw or paint or dig or rake or clean. We may need to sleep or cry or nap or nag or drink. We may go on a health kick. Or a junk food binge. We may vacillate from poor me, why me, why this? We may feel mad, sad, grateful and miserable all at the same time. But the one promise is that we WILL feel. And we may try to judge or resist or fight with those feelings. But could we possibly be grateful for them … by realizing that the depth of our sorrow and pain indicates the depth of our love and appreciation. That someone can be so special to us and leave such an impact… that we FEEL so much when they’re gone. Could we allow these feelings to be a reminder to lead with love and gratitude moment to moment as we move through our days with the people that are still in our lives? Maybe we can set our judgments and frustrations and differences aside and find places where we can connect and give thanks and help each other feel seen and heard and appreciated. Maybe we can lead each day with the intention of seeking and sharing gratitude while we can. Sending so much love to each of you grieving for what and who we’ve lost in 2020 … and may we soon be able to share the warm hugs and unmasked smiles that connect us best. xo ~Shari

What are you grateful for today?

Take a couple minutes out of your day to create/reinforce the habit of gratitude. Even and especially if it’s a hard day. Where can you notice something beautiful or meaningful? Who can you thank? What might be a lesson or blessing in disguise? Take a deep breath. Become present and choose gratitude. ♥