creating habits

Creating your gratitude habit is easy. If you just start small. I’m inviting you to commit to a daily gratitude habit – whatever that may look like for you. Maybe it’s just taking a deep breath when you wake each day and thinking of someone or something you’re grateful for. Maybe it’s a more formal practice. There’s no one right way. I know this may not feel easy right now and that we’ve all had plenty of days where it’s easy to feel like “why bother.” But it’s when everything is heavy and difficult that it’s most important to create this tiny habit to choose positivity and light. 

Part of my journey has been to help start and run our family’s award-winning residential construction company over the last 16 years, so I understand how essential foundations are. For construction… and for our lives.

A daily gratitude practice can give you a strong foundation to bring awareness to blessings often hidden in the mundane.

I love to help share and cultivate this habit of gratitude, CELEBRATION & POSITIVITY.

Because you CAN actually create and spread joy and kindness through gratitude. And it takes no extra time out of your day.

Start with tiny steps

The Tiny Habits® method was created by Stanford University-based Researcher Dr. BJ Fogg as a way to effectively and easily create new habits by tapping the power of the environment + baby steps. The goal?To make behavior change doable,
simple and sustainable.

Certified in this Tiny Habits® method, I can help you create simple foundational habits to feel joy and success now vs. “someday, when you have time…” Contact me hello (at) to learn more.

What are you grateful for?

Take 2 minutes (or more if you like!) and share what you’re grateful for or how gratitude has helped you connect, manifest, energize, love and live fully.

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