creating habits

“Gratitude has the ability to heal, energize, and change our lives,” according to Robert Emmons, a leading researcher on the subject. So I’m inviting you to commit to a daily gratitude habit – whatever that may look like for you. Creating habits can be easier than you think, if you just start small.  Maybe it’s simply taking a deep breath after you open your eyes each day and saying the words “thank you.” Maybe it’s a more formal practice. There’s no one right way.

Part of my journey has been to help start and run our family’s award-winning residential construction company over the last 18+ years, so I understand how essential foundations are. For construction… and for our lives.

A daily gratitude practice can benefit you physically, emotionally and socially, and can give you a strong foundation to bring awareness to blessings often hidden in the mundane.

I love to help share and cultivate habits of mindful, intentional gratitude, celebration and positivity as essential parts of your wellness and productivity goals. Because you CAN actually make time for what matters, even when you’re busy. Baby steps.

If you aren’t creating your habits, they are creating you. Understanding the habit creation process can make all the difference. I’d love to show you how.

Successful habits start small

The Tiny Habits® method was created by Stanford University-based Researcher Dr. BJ Fogg as a way to effectively and easily create new habits by tapping the power of the environment + baby steps. The goal? To make behavior change doable,
simple and sustainable.

Certified in this Tiny Habits® method, I can help you on your wellness journey to embody more presence, joy and gratitude. To help you do what you want to be doing to live a healthy and meaningful life. Each day becomes a gift and an opportunity to show up as your best self.  Contact me at to learn more!

What are you grateful for?

Take 2 minutes (or more if you like!) and share what you’re grateful for or how gratitude has helped you connect, manifest, energize, love and live fully. Thank you!

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